Dolphin Watching Tour - Muscat

Tour Duration : PPROX. 8 HOURS (8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM) (7:00 am start on Fridays)

1 person

OMR 15

2 People

OMR 70 / person.

3 People

OMR 60 / person.

4 People

OMR 50 / person.

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The dolphin watching tour package includes many types of dolphins commonly found in this area, such as spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, rissos dolphins, and 21 other local species. The waters around Muscat are teeming with diverse marine life, and you’ll easily spot these playful dolphins. To provide you with the ultimate sea adventure, we offer our exclusive Dolphin Tours, designed with our adventurous spirit to ensure you get the best experience.



This tour starts from Marina Bandar. It’s a 2-hour Dolphin watching tour at Marina Bandar. You’ll hop on a high-speed boat to see many different sea animals, including dolphins and fishes. During the boat ride, you’ll also pass by Portuguese forts Minali & Jalali and get a beautiful view of the Al Alam Palace.

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