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Dive Center in Salalah

salalah offer an choice of dive center with a track record of some 10 years in the industry. Professional, qualified diving staff are trained to teach all levels, from beginners to instructor courses. Dive center are located across the city, so you will always find one near your accommodation. There is no need to bring your own equipment as center provide all you need.

scuba diving in salalah

Actually diving in Salalah is not the best option because of the nature of the sea and the visibility is very poor. So what is the alternative option?!, Certainly Mirbat, as it is the closest area to Salalah, as it is a 45 minute away from Salalah by car. Mirbat contains many diving sites, whether from the beach or by boat.

Diving in salalah and mirbat

Scuba Diving in Mirbat

Mirbat is about a 45 minute drive from Salalah. It is reached by car on a picturesque new highway led alongside the Dhofar chain of mountains.

All of the sites in Mirbat have the pleasant ease of a beach entry into the water. As the dive sites are all from the shore they have a maximum depth at any given location of 17m. An abundance of sunlight and shallow water provide the ecosystems perfect conditions for coral growth to flourish. Mirbat’s diving not only contains stunning coral gardens, but also a great range of fish too. From the tiniest Nudibranches, Flat Worms, Shrimp and other crustaceans the macro life is available for anyone with an eye for our smaller friends. If small creatures of the ocean is not your thing, then keep your eyes open in the distance as you always have a good chance of seeing multiple different Rays, Turtles, Clown fish, and Barracudas. There are also Octopus, a large range of Morays, Stone fish, and many more hiding here.

China wreck Diving site in mirbat

Diving Center in salalah

the only dive center in salalah is abt divers. They are part of the Salalah based company Arabian Beach Tourism, which has many activities within tourism. The diving branch has operated in Salalah since 2008. They are currently located in the Crown Plaza hotel since 2014 and from Rotana Resort since 2020 and hawana salalah resot. ABT Divers have two boats for diving and watersports activities. From mirbat, they go boat diving in the area between eagle bay and china wreck.  Besides boat adventure, They offer shore diving and snorkeling. Driving through desert landscape and off-road trails to the pristine beaches in Mirbat.       

Mirbat dive sites

Abt Divers run an excellent dive operation from Rawshan resort in mirbat set on a remote stretch of coastline around 45 minutes from Salalah. This area is blseed with a range of good dive sites that are accessed from the shore by 4*4 Car, or by Abt Divers’ fast dive boats. Many of the potential sites accessed by boat are yet to be discovered, offering something for the more adventurous experienced diver, as most diving has been conducted from the shore until this point.

Diving by boat in mirbat


Nudibranchs, selection of Moray eels, rays, difficult reefs, cuttlefish, dolphins, 2 little accidents, tuna, sharks, octopus, snapper, trevally, turtles and the odd Humpback whale!

marine life in mirbat


If you choose to take a trip to southern Oman at the end of the Khareef period, chances are you will dive amongst small Kelp forests. Up to 10 metres in elevation, the giant algae prosper in the amazing water thermoclines, supplying secure harbour for thousands of adolescent fish. They can be seen during the summer season, gradually dying out in the last weeks of September and also very early October.

How can i book Diving Tour in Mirbat From Salalah

Around Oman provides you with all the arrangements for the trip, starting from the car that will pick you up from Salalah to reaching the diving center at a very fair price and the payment will be cash on site. Contact us for more information via WhatsApp +968 72715019 or via the company’s mail info@aroun-oman.com.

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