Best time to travel to Salalah (Khareef )

Autumn Salalah

His Sultanah is a wonderful tourist face for many tourist, especially at the moment. In the very time, especially in Salalah, where Salalah is characterized by its great wonderful autumn of the whole world. We will see Dhofar governorate starting from June 21 every year The beginning of the fetal season, where Amman distinguishes between the world due to the wonderful atmosphere and the beauty of nature and its charm. Which made her a lot of visitors from the different countries of the world to be Oman their tourist destination.

Specifically Salalah for its excellence from other Omani provinces, and we recognize here on the most important information on the autumn of Salalah, which comes to tourist, researchers and lovers of beauty and the picturesque nature to enjoy and walk by watching the wonderful features, which makes Salalah from the most famous and most beautiful tourist places.

Autumn Salalah in Dhofar Governorate

Salalah is characterized by its picturesque natural beauty, which made it one of the favorite tourist attractions for researchers and beauty, where they can spend the beautiful time in the city. Salalah is located in Dhofar province on the southern side of Oman, and Oman features a great ideal atmosphere, featuring the spray and light rain that make the atmosphere is beautiful and lack of temperature as the world is in a chapter Summer temperatures are high either Salalah mlighted by God with its charming atmosphere where the fog is about the highlands, and the new nature in green in a mixed scene can not be described from his beauty.

Autumn Salalah

Salalah is a tropical and special in autumn, and as far as ،Oman, is on the borders of the UAE, which makes it a destination for every other in the UAE. The natural Salalah has been characterized by many mountains and has made it easy for fertile as many trees such as coconut and bananas dating back to thousands of years and play an important role in trade for many commercial ports that play a role in exporting and importing goods and products, It also has a lot of beautiful tourist and archaeological places working to activate and attract tourist. 


The beginning of the fall of Salalah

It starts from the middle of the month of June until the end of September, and this period witnesses very large numbers of tourists due to its tourist importance and its picturesque beauty, and there are many options for housing, including luxury hotels and wonderful apartments, and of course the resorts available on the seaside and one of the best places that families and children can enjoy.  Where it is possible to relax, rest, and be happy due to the recreational services it provides, and there are many options that suit visitors. Separate apartments are also available for rent for those wishing to stay in them, as some tourists take tents as a wonderful way to stay, especially on the seashore, because of the perfect and beautiful atmosphere during the fall season.

And do not forget one of the most important and wonderful famous tourist attractions in Salalah, which is the picturesque plain of Iten and many charming landscapes.

Iten Salalah

Salalah Festival

Salalah Festival

It is held every year in the city of Salalah, especially in the autumn season, and it is one of the most famous events and tourist places in this season. It includes places for family shopping and areas for electric and pneumatic games. It also has restaurants, exhibitions and the heritage village.

Salalah Festival

There are also cultural and musical performances, live performances of Omani art, folk dances and a lot more. One of the beautiful events and do not forget the sports shows and concerts. This celebration usually takes place on the 11th of July until the 22nd of August.

Salalah Festival

Salalah in the fall season is one of the places that you do not see much in your life and the picturesque places, so do not miss visiting Salalah.

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